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Bill and Kathy

Where do we begin? Steve Caudill has accomplished the impossible. It all started with a short sale listing, which is a difficult transaction under the best circumstances. Steve was able to negotiate a price with the lender that was acceptable by all parties involved . . . This was the initial, amazing accomplishment by Steve. The next step was actually receiving an approval letter from the lender accepting the price, which wasn’t as easy as you would think. But yes, Steve was able to get that letter and officially open escrow.

We had some little and some big problems . . . but at each turn, Steve was there to resolve them . . . Steve was truly on top of it!

This was a very time sensitive transaction and time was running out . . . but once again, with Steve’s help, 3 days before it needed to close, we were able to sign loan docs. Thanks to Steve and all his hard work, we are now the proud owners of our beach home!

In the future, if we or any of our friends, family or business associates are considering purchasing real estate, there is only one person for the job and that is Steve Caudill, he is absolutely amazing, and the proof is in the sales!

With Sincerest Gratitude,