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Buyers & Sellers Services

  • The Caudill Team specializes in relating to people. We listen to your needs and wants, and provide professional expertise.
  • The Caudill Team communicates through each stage of your transaction.
  • Steve’s knowledge, experience, and negotiation skills are unsurpassed, ensuring you the very best price for the sale or purchase of your home.
  • The Caudill Team continues to follow up with you after the sale or purchase, when you are forgotten by many other agents. Our resources are always available to clients – past, present, and future, at any time!

10 Questions You Should Ask Your Listing Agent

  • Is your real estate representative a real estate agent or a real estate professional? (Do they know the difference?)
  • Is your agent/professional a masterful negotiator or will they be out negotiated by another professional and leave your money “on the table”?
  • What is your agent’s/professional’s expertise in scripting your home? Are they qualified to create copy that will attract a buyer to your home?
  • Who will your listing agent/professional use to create the media photos and virtual tour for the listing? Do they tell you that they have a “good digital camera” and they or their staff will care for this? An average quality of media is frequently used but is not the most beneficial to you in bringing the best offer and buyer for your home.
  • Have they explained how they will market your home through direct mail? (Yes, direct mail still works.)
  • Has your listing agent/professional shown you actual copies of their recent print and internet advertising? Have they explained why professional brochures are important to you, the seller?
  • Have they shown you the quality of their website and explained how your home will be displayed on that site? Has your listing agent/professional explained to you that 85% of home buyers are beginning their search via the internet? Will their website attract the buyer for your home?
  • Will your agent/professional be able to sell your home to other agents and buyers via phone, internet/email, or showings? Your home must be sold twice – first to the buyer’s agent and then to the buyer.
  • Is your agent/professional a full-time real estate professional or do they also care for other transactions such as loans, escrows, title? If so, do you want a part-time agent representing the sale of your home?
  • Will your agent/professional represent you well in the demographics of the area of your home? Will they relate exceptionally well to agents and buyers who will contact them regarding your home?

Please allow Steve Caudill to explain each of these successful listing and sales techniques, and help you see the greatest value and shortest market time! Let The Caudill Teamtake YOU first class to YOUR real estate destination!

Steve and Susan Caudill
Keller Williams Realty
12780 High Bluff Drive, Suite 130
San Diego, CA 92130
858.755.4321 (Direct)
858.436.8263 (Office)
760.685.8877 (Mobile)

Seller Services

Selling a home?

Why choose The Caudill Team to sell your treasured home? Here are some of the things that make them unique:

  • Steve’s unsurpassed negotiation skills will bring you top dollar for your home.
  • Steve uses innovative, high level marketing techniques to advertise your home with class both on the Internet and in the print media. Beautiful color brochures will present your home as a distinctive, special property, and be mailed and circulated to our clients, your neighbors, and thousands of area agents. You will be delighted with a stunning virtual tour of your home, which also serves as a unique keepsake as well as an extremely effective marketing tool in bringing buyers into your home.
  • Steve continues to follow up with you after the sale, when you are forgotten by many other agents. Our myriad resources are always available to our clients: past, present, and future, at any time!

The Caudill Team’s Marketing Process

Here is a summary of the elements involved in marketing your home:

  • Price your home correctly through goal analysis (financial, timing, etc.) and an in-depth computerized market analysis.
  • Target your buyers by profiling their economic level, geographic location, age range, family status, etc.
  • “Stage” your home to highlight the best features, resulting in a higher selling price and a faster sale.
  • Photograph your home professionally to create a “wow” marketing image for virtual tour, full color brochures, and MLS photos.
  • Prepare the MLS presentation for your home including an impressive description, detailed supplement, showing instructions, brokers’ percentage and bonus information, photo gallery, and virtual tour.
  • Install “For Sale” signs in key locations with riders for features and amenities (pool, spa, view, etc.)
  • Create Full Color Brochures, “Just Listed” postcards and Email advertising (E-flyers) to expose your home to the largest number of people possible.
  • Host a Brokers’ Open House for all area agents to tour your home and create a “buzz” and excitement for your property.
  • Mail “Just Listed” cards to your surrounding neighbors to notify them of your home’s availability.
  • Coordinate Internet advertising such as (Featured Homes Spot, Enhanced Listings, and Open House information),, Sign on San Diego,, and E-flyers sent to thousands of agents in your area.
  • Coordinate previews, showings, and open houses for your home.
  • Follow up on showings to identify interested and qualified buyers for your home.
  • Communicate with you, the seller, on a regular basis to keep you informed, give you feedback from showings, and interpret the market.
  • Screen buyers to eliminate unqualified prospects.
  • Present all offers to you and negotiate the very best price and terms for your home!
  • Coordinate inspections, repair requests, and contingency removals throughout the escrow period.
  • Do their utmost to insure a smooth and rewarding real estate journey for you from listing to closing,, and beyond!

Buyer Services

Buying a home?

The Caudill Team offers a wide range of services to assist you throughout your home buying process. From finding the right home to the closing the transaction, Steve and his team will navigate you through the process.

Buying a home can be a challenging task. Finding a home that meets your needs, financing the home, inspecting your new home, and absorbing information about your new neighborhood can seem overwhelming. Let The Caudill Team assist you in the home buying process! They will answer your questions and guide you along every step of your real estate journey.

Here are a few of the things that make them unique:

  • Steve specializes in relating to people. He wants to get to know you and listen to your needs and wants, and in the process find a home that will fit your lifestyle.
  • Steve communicates with you through every stage of your transaction, so you will understand your options.
  • Steve’s knowledge, experience, and negotiation skills are unsurpassed, insuring you the very best price on your new home.
  • Steve will guide you to the very best financing professional for your new home, so you can obtain the lowest mortgage rates available.
  • Community information about schools, churches, recreation, transportation, and utilities are available to you through or a phone call away.
  • Steve continues to follow up with you after the purchase, when you are forgotten by many other agents. Their myriad resources are always available to their clients: past, present, and future, at any time!